Ingenico Card Machine Problems: A Troubleshooting Guide

Let's explore today various Ingenico card machine problems and also say a bit about Ingenico card machine troubleshooting.


There are numerous videos on YouTube showing some Pakistani guy entering a "secret" code into terminal and the problem is instantly fixed. Unfortunately this is not helpful in most cases.

That's why I decided to create this guide and provide accurate info on the most common Ingenico card machine problems, what's causing them and how to deal with each one.

POS swipe machine models covered in this post are: ICT220, ICT250, IWL220, IWL250, IWL251, IWL255, IPP320, IPP350, Move2500, Move3500, Move5000, Desk3500, Desk5000, DESK2600, MOVE2600, ISC250, Lane 5000 and other Ingenico models.

So without further ado, let's dive right in:

Most Common Ingenico Card Machine Problems

Alert Irruption on Ingenico Card Machine

Check out this post on how to fix alert irruption on the card machine and continue accepting card payments.

Ingenico Card Machine Not Connecting

You should try these steps if Ingenico card machine is not connecting.

Ingenico Pin Pad Out of Order

Depending of your card machine make year, you might see the "PinPad out of order" error. Check this post for more info: Pin Pad out of order.

Ingenico Lane 3000 Troubleshooting

The first thing you should try when Lane 3000 is unresponsive or not connecting is to check all the cables and physical connections.

The next thing you should try is a soft reboot. Read the next chapter to learn how:

How to Reboot Ingenico Card Machine

Here is a detailed post on "how to restart Ingenico card machine" to see if it helps solve the problem.

Ingenico Chip Reader not Working

If you are constantly getting a chip card reading error, it doesn't always mean that your Ingenico chip reader is damaged or that it needs to go to the repair center.

It could be that something is stuck in card reader slot, thus preventing the chip card to be fully inserted and read properly. Usually it is a sticker (or even a piece of credit card) that fell of the payment card that has been inserted previously.

So the logical question is - how do I fix my chip card reader?

Try the following steps: 

  • Turn off the terminal and unplug all the cables;
  • Visually check if anything is stuck in card reader slot;
  • Use a very thin screwdriver or a long piece of plastic to carefully remove the stuck object from the card reader slot;
  • Plug all the cables back in, and power on the card machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should firmware updates be checked or applied to Ingenico machines to prevent some of these issues?

Firmware updates for Ingenico machines should be checked periodically, as these can address existing issues and enhance functionality.

Are there any specific environmental factors, like temperature or humidity, that can affect the performance of Ingenico card machines?

Environmental factors such as extreme temperatures or high humidity can indeed impact the performance of these devices. 

Can modifications or settings changes made by users inadvertently cause some of these common issues?

User modifications or incorrect settings can sometimes cause problems, underscoring the importance of following manufacturer guidelines.

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