How to Restart Ingenico Card Machine

In this post, I'll show you how to restart the Ingenico card machine with a simple push of a button (actually two buttons). It is easier than you think, and there is no need to pull the power plug from the socket.

Card machine models that are covered in this post are: ict220, ict250, iwl220, iwl250, iwl255, ipp320, ipp350, Move3500, Move5000, Desk3000, Desk3500, and other Ingenico models.

But before I share it with you, let's see what the most common issues you can fix with a simple POS terminal restart are:

  • Card machine won't connect;
  • Payment processing takes too long;
  • The terminal is unresponsive and does not react to commands;

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How to restart card machine?
  • Restarting Ingenico card machine?
  • How to restart credit card terminal?

Here is how you can power cycle (or reboot) a credit card terminal.

Reboot the Ingenico card machine by simultaneously pressing the DOT key and YELLOW key for a few seconds, as shown in the illustration:

how to restart the ingenico card machine

The payment terminal will beep and go through a power cycle - turn off, and then instantly turn on.

Note: On some mobile terminal models, you need to turn the card machine on manually by pressing the GREEN key. Also please note that certain unattended Ingenico card machines have MINUS key instead of a DOT key.

Wait for 30-60 seconds for the device to boot and establish a connection after a soft reboot.

If you get an "Alert irruption" error message on display after the restart, check out this post for more help: Ingenico card machine alert irruption.

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