How to Restart Ingenico Card Machine

Is your Ingenico card machine frozen, unresponsive or playing up? In that case you must be asking - How to restart EFTPOS machine?

The first thing you should always try is a soft reboot. Reboot is a simple solution for many problems, not only in the card machine world - it works very well for WiFi routers, smart phones and laptops as well.

In this post, I'll show you a universal solution how to restart any EFTPOS machine brand, including Ingenico, Verifone, PAX, and many more.

Later on, I'll show you how to restart the Ingenico card machine with a simple push of a button (actually two buttons). It is easier than you think, and there is no need to pull the power plug from the socket.

I will also explain what does it mean when Ingenico card machine shows a smiley icon on display, while rebooting the system (or after Ingenico terminal restart).

But before I share it with you, let's see what the most common issues you can fix with a simple restart:

Without further ado, let's dive right in:

In this guide you'll learn:

Card machine models covered in this post are: ict220, ict250, iwl220, iwl221, iwl250, iwl251, iwl255, ipp320, ipp350, Move3500, Move5000, Desk3000, Desk3500, Lane and other Ingenico models.

How to Restart EFTPOS Machine?

The truth is, any desktop version of EFTPOS card machine can be restarted by removing the power supply fora short while (10 seconds will do the job).

So no matter if it's Verifone, Spire, Clover, Ingenico, Dejavoo, Hypercom, FD100, PAX or any XYZ make or model, this approach works the same way:

  • Simply track the POS machine power supply cable all the way to the AC wall socket, and then gently pull out the cord.
  • Wait for cca 10-15 seconds and then plug the cord back in.
  • Follow the messages on swipe machine, and wait until the boot sequence completes.
  • Now try the terminal to see if the issue is gone.

Please have in mind this approach will not work on mobile / wireless models (unless their internal battery is fully depleted).

There you have it - that was a simple and universal guide how to restart credit card machine (any brand).

Ingenico Card Reader Reset

Here is how you can power cycle (or reboot) Ingenico credit card terminal.

Reboot the Ingenico card reader (card machine) by holding the DOT key and YELLOW buttons simultaneously, for a few seconds - as shown in the illustration:

how to restart the ingenico card machine

The payment terminal will beep and go through a power cycle - turn off, and then instantly turn on.

After Ingenico restarts, wait up to 1 minute for the device to boot the payment app and establish a connection after a soft reboot.

Note: Certain unattended Ingenico card machines have MINUS key instead of a DOT key.

If the terminal did not start by itself, read on.

How to Turn On Ingenico Card Machine Move 5000, iWL250?

On wireless terminal models, after the reboot you need to turn the card machine on manually.

To power on your terminal, simply press and hold the GREEN key for 2 seconds.

How to Turn On Ingenico Card Machine Move 5000

Terminal Showed a Smiley on it?

Have you ever seen Ingenico card reader show a frown face?

If you did, you might be wondering what does it mean when card machine shows a smiley face on boot?

If you are getting a smiley shown for more than 30 seconds and nothing happens, you probably need to charge the battery in your mobile card machine. Do not worry, it will turn on automatically once the battery reaches certain charge level.

On the other hand, Ingenico POS terminals always show a smiley on boot, unless the hardware anti-tamper has tripped, in which case it changes to a sad face.

If you get a sad face icon followed by "Alert irruption" error message on display after the restart, check out this post for more help: Ingenico card machine alert irruption.

In some rare cases, you might experience "PinPad out of order" error after the reboot. In that case, check this post for more info: Pin Pad out of order.

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