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Looking for the tools, apps, products and services I use? Then, keep reading…

Today I'm going to show you my exclusive, curated list of online tools and services that you can use to build, improve, and optimize almost any website or blog, including eCommerce.

You probably know there are way too many posts on the internet promoting similar lists.

The key difference here is that I have personally tried and tested tons of them and handpicked only those I recommend here.

So rather than listing off all 300 of them, I'm going to show you only the cream of the crop. I only recommend tools and products that I have tested, used for a while and truly stand by.

The best part?

Many tools and services listed here (unfortunately not all) are absolutely free!

Let's dive right in.

Best CurateResourcesd List of Online Tools and Services [Mega List]

What's Inside:

Royalty Free Images and Videos for Your eCommerce Website

unsplash.comRoyalty free images.
pexels.comRoyalty free images and videos.
burstFree stock images by shopify burst.

Free Online Image Optimization services

iloveimgOnline bulk image optimization.
tinyjpgOnline bulk image optimization.
compressjpegFree online bulk image optimization. Up to 20 images in one go.
imagifyImage optimization Wordpress plugin. Free up to 25mb/month. Check here for actual imagify coupon code.
shortpixelImage optimization Worpress plugin. Free up to 100 images/month.
vectorizerWorld's first, free online image vectorization service, comparable in quality to paid software and services.
squoosh.appSquoosh reduces image file size while maintaining high quality. The best thing, it does not upload the images to remote server for optimization but process them locally instead.

Productivity Tools

printfriendlyTurn any html or web page into PDF using this free online tool. All ads and page footers are automatically striped. There is a free browser extension and also a paid option for API users.

Email Hosting and Email Forwarding Services

yandex.comFree email hosting service.
improvmx.comFree and paid email forwarding service by improvemx.

Website Hosting and CDN Services

cloudflare.comFree and paid CDN.
digitalocean.comPaid VPS hosting (new accounts get $100 in signup bonus credit to test the service).

Domain Registration

namesiloAbsolutely the lowest prices for domain name registration and domain renewal. Enter the coupon code ECOMM to get an additional $1 discount during the checkout. You can also use it as the namesilo coupon renewal.
namecheapDomain name registration company, providing free Dynamic DNS.

Web Performance Optimization

Online tool for web performance analysis.
DareBoostCompare web performance of two pages.
PingdomOnline tool for web performance analysis.
GTmetrixOnline tool for web performance analysis.
PageSpeed InsightsGoogle tool for web performance analysis.
UpTrendsOnline tool for web performance analysis.
Chrome DevToolsWeb performance analysis from the Chrome browser.
keycdn toolsVarious security and web performance tools by keycdn for troubleshooting website, network, or CDN issues.

SEO and Keyword Research Tools

ahrefsahrefs is my no.1 choice when it comes to all-in-one SEO toolset. They also offer some awesome free SEO tools you can try.
keywordseverywhereFree Affordable Keyword research browser plugin.
Keyword SurferFree browser extension that allows you to see search keyword volumes directly in Google search results.
Keyword ShitterKeyword Shitter is a unconventional keyword research service based on paid, one-time reports.
Schema Markup GeneratorFree online schema markup generator.
Keyword ToolFree keyword research tool that helps you find great keywords using google auto-suggest. There is a paid PRO edition as well.
BrokenLinkCheckFree online broken link checker tool that scans webpages for dead hyperlinks. Free version is limited to 3000 pages.
OpenLinkProfilerFree backlink analysis tool.
BuzzSumoDiscover trending, popular web content and topics.
Online ToolsCollection of various useful online SEO tools and helpers.
TermSuggestFree TermSuggest tool uses Google’s Query Suggest API to populate popular terms for content marketing research.

HTML, WhoIS and Other Useful Tools

DNS Cache FlushFree online Google DNS cache flush tool. Easily flush NS, MX or any other DNS record from the cache to speed up propagation after moving your website to another webserver.
HTMLstripCollection of free online tools: WhoIs, encoders, decoders, minifiers, beautifiers, obfuscators, SHA-256 generator, SEO tools, etc.

WordPress Plugins and Tools

ManageWPThe ultimate WordPress Dashboard for managing multiple WordPress websites. Update plugins on all websites with a single click. Managing a bunch of websites is free, while premium add-ons are optional.
Better Search ReplaceThe best plugin if you need to run a search/replace on the WP database.
Add & Replace Affiliate Links for AmazonAdd & Replace Affiliate Links for Amazon plugin helps you to add/update tag parameters in links that follows to amazon (yes, even amzn shortlinks!).

So give it a go and use mentioned services and tools to improve your eCommerce website.

I hope this guide helped you.

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And do let me know if there is any other useful online tool or service that you have used to build or improve your online store. I would love to try it out and add it to my list.

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